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Mirza Ghalib Tomb

Mirza Ghalib Tomb

Mirza Asadullah Begh Khan, better known as Mirza Ghalib, was one of the most famous personalities in Old Delhi in the mid-19th century. He adorned the court of Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Mughul Emperor. He wrote poetry in Urdu and Persian, some of which continue to be used even today in theatres, films, and television programmes. He is one of the very few intellectuals who survived the British assault after the fall of Delhi in 1857. Mirza Ghalib’s tomb is an important place for those aware of the literary history of Delhi.

Mirza Ghalib created an era of poetic philosophy and has become a worldwide fame through his works of short stories and poems. The literary extravaganza in the Indian cultural scenario has been enhanced through the poet's work.

Ghalib’s Tomb in New Delhi is located close to the shrine of Nizamuddin, just north of the enclosure of Chaunsath Khamba. The tomb is situated within a small courtyard and is covered by a marble structure. The Ghalib academy is located next to thegrave. The academy was established by the government during the death centenary of Ghalib to promote Urdu literature and has an impressive collection of Urdu literary works. The academy also includes a museum that exhibits artifacts associated with the famous poet, including manuscripts, photographs and other items of daily use.